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The grassy ecosystems network (Southeast Australia)

Helen Ryan

Grassy Ecosystems Networker
Phone (03) 9650 8296

Are you involved in the conservation, management or research of lowland temperate grassy ecosystems in southeastern Australia?

Then you should tap into the Grassy Ecosystems Network.

The Network can help you:

  • Raise the community's awareness of, and involvement in the conservation, restoration and management of grassy ecosystems; and
  • Access technical information on grassland management.

The network provides a range of services. These include:


A high priority is to maintain and expand a list of the many individuals and groups who have an interest in grassy ecosystem issues and involve them in the conservation and management of grassy ecosystems.

Email discussion group

"GrassEcol" has been established to provide a forum for all people interested in the ecology, conservation, management and research of lowland temperate grassy ecosystems in southeast Australia. Currently, there are over 190 participants including researchers, ecologists, agricultural scientists, environmental consultants, economists, social scientists, farmers and community members.

It's a great chance to:

  • Send messages quickly and easily to a wide range of people
  • Participate in stimulating discussions, and
  • Establish contact with people with similar interests, problems, questions or answers

Internet web page

A home page on the World Wide Web is being established to allow even more people to find out about the network and locate other related conservation, community and information sites.


Our newsletter "Grass Clippings" is published to keep network participants informed of coming events, recent publications, summaries of major community or government initiatives and projects. It is a forum for discussion of a range of grassland issues, so participants are encouraged to contribute.


The network aims to remain responsive to the needs of its participants through * feedback from groups and individuals. It also provides feedback to government on community concerns.

The `Grassy Ecosystems Networker for South East Australia' project is Funded through Bushcare, a program of the Commonwealth Government's Natural Heritage Trust and supported by the Victorian National Parks Association.

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