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2002 Journal Articles

Exploring indicators of experiential place integration in a sample of Queensland rural practitioners: A research note
Author: Veitch, C., Crossland, L.J.

Playing their part: the role of physical activity and sport in sustaining the health and well being of small rural communities.
Author: Townsend, M., Moore, J., Mahoney, M.

Rural residents' utilisation of health and visiting specialist health services.
Author: Rankin, S.L., Hughes-Anderson, W., House, J., Aitken, J., Heath, D., Mitchell, A.W.S., House, A.K.

Evidence-based rural general practice: barriers and solutions in South Australia
Author: Taylor, J., Wilkinson, D., Blue, I.A., Dollard, J.T.

Reforms on medical education: the case of Kyrgyzystan
Author: Alkan, M.L., Oztek, Z., Akylbekov, I.K.

Towards more rural nursing and allied health services: current and potential rural activity in the Division of Health Sciences of the University of South Australia
Author: Laurence, C.OM., Wilkinson, D.

Opening farm gates: community as educator
Author: Dalton, L., Butwell, E., Cottrell, A., Carlson, N., Husband, S., Schmidt, K., Smith, M., Hillier, M.

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