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Poster presentations

A1 Evaluation of maternal and neonatal complications in macrosomia.
Author: Molood Fakhry

A2 The Correlation between maternal BMI (Body Mass Index) and the outcome of pregnancy.
Author: Amiri F. Nasiri

A3 Application of a new scoring system for the screening of high-risk pregnancy and outcome prediction.
Author: Mervat El-Rafie

A4 The effect of grandmultiparity on the outcome of pregnancy and delivery in Lagos, Nigeria.
Author: Dr Bomi Ogedengbe

A5 Ultrasound diagnosis of congenital malformations.
Author: Zareen M. Patel

A6 Control programme of thalassaemia by antenatal screening.
Author: Zareen M. Patel

A7 Prevalence of vaginal infection with bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas vaginalis and candida albicans among pregnant women at the Port Moresby General Hospital antenatal clinic.
Author: Grace Kariwiga

A8 Comparative evaluations of three tools of diagnosis of toxoplasmosis based on detection of antibodies and specific antigen.
Author: Umayah Sukriahyadi et al

A9 Evaluation of frequency of chorioamnionitis in Emam Hospital of Sari, Nigeria, in 1998.
Author: Molood Aghajani

A10 Research of Awareness and Outlook of Pregnant Women to Normal Vaginal Delivery.
Author: M. Faramarzi

A11 Doula Care in Unwanted Pregnancy: A Woman Taking Care of Another Woman.
Author: Herminia L. Cifra

A12 Method of Delivery with the Foetus Weighing >4000 grams.
Author: Molood Fahkry

A13 A Study on the Comparison Between the Effect of Early and Late Cord Clamping in Third Stage of Labour
Author: Molood Aghajani

A14 A Comparison Between Active and Physiological Management of the Third Stage of Labour, Foeto-Maternal Haemorrhage.
Author: Molood Aghajani

A15 The Incidence of Pneumothorax in the Nemazee NICU Shiraz, Iran.
Author: Shahnaz Pourarian

A16 Chromosomal Rearrangements Amongst Couples with Recurrent Abortion in the Indian Population.
Author: Zareen M. Patel

A17 Nutrition in Pregnancy.
Author: Yosra Al Ajami

B1 Domestic Violence in Nigeria: Ilare District Central Local Government, Osun State, as a case history.
Author: Dr M.O. Folayan

B2 "Through the looking glass: The abuse of women and children in multicultural literature.
Author: Dr Suzanne Stutman

B3 Teaching health care professionals about domestic violence on the web.
Author: Dr Marjorie Braude

B4 Domestic Violence against women: An investigation of hospital casualty records, Mumbai, India.
Author: Achla S. Daga

B5 The Gesher Project: Images of the Holocaust
Author: Dr Frances Forrest-Richards

B6 Violence Against Women in Chana
Author: Dr Stella Gyamfi

B7 Adolescent schoolgirls: how they grow and sociocultural influences in mid-western Nigeria.
Author: Dr Mary-Anne Amadife

B8 Production of a directory of resource material for healthy education for adolescents.
Author: Dr Margaret Maxwell

B9 Visual screening in secondary schoolchildren in Nigeria.
Author: Dr Valentina Ideh

"Older women speak up: Older women are empowered by telling our stories of violence in the home."
Author: Free booklet. Recommended by Carolyn Frohmade, ed., Women with Disabilities, ACT, Australia 

C1 Unwanted Pregnancy in Tehran. What are the Risk Factors?
Author: S Jahanfar

C2 Trichomoniasis in Women Referred to Gynaecology Centre in Sari.

B. Shabanghani & Hagar Ziaei

C3 Vulvitis and Oxyuris
Author: Hagar Ziaei & B. Shabanghani

C4 Knowledge, attitude, practice and expectation of Vietnamese menopausal women.
Author: Duc Pham Thi Minh

C5 Sitz bath in treatment of trichomonas vaginalis.
Author: Molood Aghajani

C6 Over-the-counter and alternative medicines in the treatment of vulvovaginal symptoms in women referred to the gynaecologic clinics in Sari Emam Hospital in Iran, 1999.
Author: Roxana Behroozi, Z. Moussavi

C7 Assessment of knowledge of and attitudes to family planning among women of Sari City, Iran.
Author: S Rashidi

C8 Mental health and psycho-sociological influences on menopausal women in Japan.
Author: Dr Fumi Horiguchi

C9 HIV AIDS programmes in Korea.
Author: Young Hae Le

C10 Overview on HIV/AIDS and women in Iran.
Author: Masoumeh Tavani

C11 Evaluation of awareness of cervical cancer screening tests.
Author: Fatemah Abdollahy & B. Shabanghani

C12 Awareness of screening procedure for carcinoma of the cervix.
Author: Miss Aderonke F. Daramola

C13 Incidence of HPV infection in biopsies of the lower female genital tract.
Author: Daniela Mayumi Iihama

C14 The prevalence of chlamydia infection among pregnant women referred to perinatal clinics of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 1996.
Author: Roxana Behroozi

C15 Knowledge and attitudes of women to prevention of cervical cancer.
Author: S Rashidi

D1 The Effects of rhPTH (1-84) on the Bone Metabolism in Undernourished Rats
Author: Dr Yumie Rhee

D2 Tuberculosis in Breast: Mammography, Sonography and MRI Features Comparison with non-tuberculosis mastitis.
Author: Dr Soo Young Chung

D3 Solid L: Radiologic Manifestations of Both Tumorous and Non-Tumorous Conditions.
Author: Dr Hye-Suk Hong

D4 The Research on QT Variability During Twenty-Four Hours in Healthy Women Subjects.
Author: Dr Xuejuan Wang

D5 A Case for Health Screening at School Entry in Developing Countries.
Author: Dr Obal A. Otu & Dr Gloria Archibong

D6 Pilot Study of Newborn and Children’s Metabolic Screening in Korea Using Tandem Mass Spectrometry and Fluoroimmunoassay Using Natural Isotope Eu+3
Author: Dr Sook-Za Kim

D7 Screening and Management for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.
Author: Dr Bong-Ok Kim

D8 Prevalence of Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Nigerian Children with Sickle cell Disease
Author: Dr Nnennia C. Mgbor & Dr Ifeoma Emodi

D11 Cultural sensitivity training in Canadian undergraduate medical schools.
Author: Dr Nahid Azad

D12 Why the name "Pikin Miss Road"?
Author: Dr Valerie Obot

D13 Perinatal Outcomes and Maternal: A Comparison of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Women
Author: Dr Tamara McKean

E1 The impact of arthritis on women’s health status in an urban community in Nigeria. Ifeyinwa Flossy Obuekwe

Author: Apatyanam Moolam Dr Pallavi Parikh

E3 Coronary arteries: Microscopic and light morphometric study.
Author: Dr Nadir E.V.B. Prates

E4 Relief of pain in cancer of all types and comparison of the relief in illiterate, under-privileged, and literate privileged women and children.
Author: Agarwal

E5 Identification of different species of mites in dusts and isolation of allergy-producing species in housewives of Sari township.
Author: Dr F.M. Haghi

E6 Women and Tobacco.
Author: Dr Mano Murty

E7 A Profile of Children by Choice Inc: Counselling, Education and Information Services Cait Calcutt

E8 Perspectives on Women’s Contraception and Abortion Choices
Author: Dr Adrienne Freeman

E9 BreastScreen SA: Translating research into action and results!
Author: Dr Tania Blac

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