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Extension Working Party (S6.06-03) Symposium 2001

Title: Using forestry to repair our degraded landscapes: What will it take?
Author: Graeme Anderson

Title: A research-based extension program to facilitate the development of commercial farm forestry industries in Queensland
Author: Glenn Bailey1, Susan House & Geoff Dickinson

Title: Motivating forest landowners in the North Central United States
Author: Melvin J. Baughman, Karen Updegraff & Juan Carlos Cervantes

Title: Analysis of Extension Efforts in Bavaria: Extensionists Perception
Author: Roland Beck & Ullrike Krafft

Title: Ways of Improving Forest Owners’ Participation
Author: Jurij Begus

Title: What America’s Federal and State Governments Want From Private Forests
Author: Larry E. Biles

Title: Extension and The Future of Family Forests: Making Connections
Author: John C. Bliss

Title: Choosing the Right Decision Support Tools
Author: Kim Brooksbank

Title: Predators Beside A Mountain Stream: Using Art To Engage the Public in Dialogue Around Forestry Issues
Author: Shorna Broussard1, Molly Engle2, Scott Reed2, Viviane Simon-Brown2 & Brad Withrow-Robinson2

Title: Making Participation Count for Landowners, Managers and Stakeholders
Author: Tim Cadman

Title: Forestry extension’s role in stewardship planning for woodland owners.
Author: Mike Cloughesy

Title: Consolidating Experiences from Training and Capacity Building in Forestry Extension
Author: Byabashaija Mujuni Denis

Title: How to determine when your Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) pine plantation is ready to thin
Author: Stephen G. Dicke, Andrew J. Londo & Timothy A. Traugott

Title: Including the Community: Community Consultation and Communication in the West Victoria RFA Private Forestry Project
Author: Maria Dimopoulos & Elaine McKay, Myriad Consultants Pty Ltd

Title: Self-Assessment in Farm Forestry Extension: Future directions
Author: Matthew Doig

Title: Farm forestry policy and extension: What’s in it for Australia? What’s in it for farmers? The views, opinions and interpretations presented in this paper are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect nor should be taken to represent the official views of Environment Australia or the Commonwealth Government.
Author: Jim D. Donaldson

Title: The Bugwood Network: Information Technology Support for Extension Forestry Programs In Georgia, USA.
Author: G. Keith Douce, David J. Moorhead & Charles T. Bargeron

Title: The Role of Community Participation in Fire Safe Decision-Making
Author: Marlene Rebori

Title: General Views on Silviculture of Protection Forestry and Agroforestry Potential in Egypt
Author: Abdelwahab B. El-Sayed

Title: Capturing Industry Involvement in Farm Forestry Extension
Author: Richard Finlay-Jones

Title: Sowing the Seeds for Change: The use of networks to amplify extension programs
Author: Charles F. Hajek

Title: The Sugar Gum Story: the Marketing Success of a Humble Shelter Tree
Author: Liz Hamilton

Title: Using a multidisciplinary, interagency approach for extension training in agroforestry: Facilitating landowner decisions
Author: Sandra S. Hodge

Title: Farm Sourced Timber: the Restructuring of the Timber Industry in Kenya – Opportunities and Challenges.
Author: Christine Holding1, Paul Njuguna2 & Catherine Gatundu3

Title: Underserved Forest Landowner Workshops: An Opportunity for Both Landowners and Extension
Author: H. Glenn Hughes & Thomas A. Monaghan

Title: Interactive knowledge system for family enterprise forestry
Author: Maria Iwarsson & Sverker Johansson

Title: Taxes and laws: Do they change landowner behavior for the better?
Author: Mike Jacobson

Title: Toward A Model Program Of Graduate Education In Extension Forestry
Author: James E. Johnson & Franklin A. Bruce, Jr.

Title: Is the ‘technical expert’ role of farm forestry extension agents fading? Recent experiences from Africa and implications for future extension programs
Author: Alice A. Kaudia1 & L.M.A. Omoro2

Title: Advancement of Farm Forestry Extension in Madhya Pradesh, India: a training and capacity building collaboration
Author: John D. Kellas & Peter J. Shepherd

Title: Revegetation Information and Training Needs of Western Australia’s Extension Intermediaries
Author: Stephen Lloyd

Title: Putting Together the Total Package: Farm Forestry Extension in Western Australia
Author: Richard Moore1, David Jenkins2, Bob Hingston1 & Glenn Batty1

Title: Growing Pines in Trying Times: Extension Forestry Programming in the Field
Author: 1 David J. Moorhead, 2 C.W. Dangerfield, Jr., E.D. 3 Dickens & 3 L. Zipper

Title: Farmer to farmer extension: experience in drylands Kenya
Author: Benard Muok, James Kimondo & Ioki Atsushi

Title: Participatory extension by Subtropical Farm Forestry Association: For smaller tree growers, by these growers, with all stakeholders
Author: Martin Novak

Title: How to reach rural people in developing countries with quality tree planting material
Author: Peter Ochsner, Iben Nathan & Anders Pedersen

Title: Trials on farms – and particularly “adaptation trials”
Author: John Petheram1 & Ashari Thahar2

Title: A Dynamic Context: Farm Forestry Extension in Australia
Author: Digby Race1, Marlène Buchy2 & Amabel Fulton3

Title: Extension for community forestry development in the Midhill zone of Nepal
Author: Buddhi Rejal & R.J. Petheram

Title: A Methodology for Private Native Forest Extension in South East Queensland
Author: Sean Ryan1 & David Taylor2

Title: Participatory Needs Assessment: Improving Extension Forestry Programs by Making Learners Partners
Author: Chris Schnepf

Title: Education and Research: A Case Analysis with the Center for Forest Products Marketing and Management
Author: Bob Smith

Title: Factors Affecting Property Owner Decisions about Defensible Space
Author: Ed Smith1 & Marlene Rebori2

Title: Innovations in forestry teaching and learning.
Author: Peter Stephen & Rowan Reid

Title: Farmer and landholder contributions to Australia’s commercial plantations
Author: Nick Stephens, Mellissa Wood, Belinda Allison & Claire Howell

Title: Seed and information support for farm forestry: Farmers as researchers
Author: Tim Vercoe, Roger Arnold & David Bush

Title: Implementation of Riparian Forest Buffer Systems for the Rancocas Watershed
Author: M.C. Vodak & A.C. Pasquini

Title: New Technologies and New Opportunities: supply and demand market development for sustainable private forestry
Author: Andrew Walker-Morison

Title: Pre-conditions for Spontaneous Agroforestry in Hilly Regions of Vietnam: Implications for extension
Author: Paul Woods & R. John Petheram

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