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Internet access to spatial information

SALIS : accessible soil information for better natural resources management
Author: A.J.E. McGaw, K.J. Nixon, H.B. Milford, G.A. Chapman, C.L. Murphy, J.A. Edye and N.A. Simons

The Soil Profile Attribute Data Environment (SPADE): NSW soil information online
Author: H.B. Milford, N.A. Simons, A.J.E. McGaw, K.J. Nixon, G.A. Chapman, C.L. Murphy and J.A. Edye

Providing access to land resource information via the WWW – the Burnett Land Resource Information System
Author: Robin Ellis and Ross Searle

Client/Property Event System - A New Business Model
Author: Kate Steward1, Derek Rollinson3 and Greg Beeston3

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