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Precision agriculture symposium: data gathering

Remote sensing for broadscale weed mapping – is it possible?
Author: Ian McGowen1, Paul Frazier2 and Peter Orchard3

Terrain Mapping in Real-Time: Sensors and Algorithms
Author: Steven Scheding, Jeff Leal, Mark Bishop, Salah Sukkarieh

Interdisciplinary research for precision agriculture preagro: The German joint project for an integrated management system
Author: Thomas Selige, Armin Werner, Thomas Muhr and Urs Schmidhalter

RTKDGPS and Autodesk Land Development Desktop; a powerful combination for rapid accurate surveying and land development planning.
Author: I.J. Yule, W.R. Woodgyer and R. Murray

Satellite imagery as a data source for prescription and precision farming in Australia
Author: Brian J. Button

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