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Canola in Australia: The First Thirty Years

Cover Page
B. Colton and T. Potter
Climate and Soils
T. Potter, S. Marcroft, G. Walton and P. Parker
Phenology, Physiology and Agronomy
G. Walton, N. Mendham, M. Robertson and T. Potter
Crop Nutrition
P. Hocking, R. Norton and A. Good
Canola in Rotations
R. Norton, J. Kirkegaard, J. Angus and T. Potter.
Brassica Napus Breeding
P. Salisbury and N. Wratten
Brassica Juncea Breeding
R. Oram, P. Salisbury, J. Kirk and W. Burton
Transgenic Canola
A. Green and P. Salisbury
Variety Testing
T. Potter, R. Mailer, N. Wratten and P. Salisbury
B. Howlett, D. Ballinger and M. Barbetti
Insect Pests
M. Miles and G. McDonald
Weed Management
S. Sutherland
Technology Transfer
M. Stanley, P. Parker and D. Ballinger
Product Quality
R. Mailer
Australian Oilseeds Federation, P. Salisbury and T. Potter
Key Industry Organisations
J. Lamont
B. Bell
J. Cullen
About The Authors

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