Processing and Product Development

Life-Cycle Assessment of Chainsaw Lubricants made from Rapeseed Oil or Mineral Oil
Author: P.S. Wightman1, R.M. Eavis1, K.C. Walker1, S.E. Batchelor1, S.P. Carruthers2 & E.J. Booth1

Nitrogen Solubility Index (NSI) of Canola Seed and Meal Produced at Canadian and Japanese Crushing Plants.
Author: J. Daun and M. Kisilowsky

Countercurent bleaching of rapseed oil
Author: P. Transfeld

Effects of Crushing Conditions on Meal Quality
Author: Benoit Bourgin1, Pierre Burghart2, LaurentDroguet 3, Jacques Evrard2, Marie-Pierre Le Guen4

Evaluation of non-food utilization of rapeseed meal
Author: Gérard Antonini4, Pierre Burghart1, Luc Champolivier2, Jacques Evrard1, Jacques Gueguen3

CETIOM's Oil Mill Pilot Plant
Author: Pierre Burghart, Jacques Evrard

Modification of Butterfat - Low Erucic Rapeseed Oil Blends through Interesterification Process
Author: Stanislaw Ptasznik

High-Quality Oils, Proteins and Bioactive Products for Food and Non-Food Purposes Produced in Pilot Plant Scale by Biorefining of Cruciferous Crops
Author: Christian L. Bagger1, Charlotte Bjergegaard2, Hilmer Sørensen2, Jens Chr. Sørensen1,2 and Susanne Sørensen2

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