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Biological control - pathogens

The development of endemic baculoviruses of Plutella xylostella (diamondback moth, DBM) for control of DBM in East Africa
Author: David Grzywacz1, Mark Parnell 1, Gilbert Kibata2, George Oduor3, Walter Ogutu3, Douglas Miano2 & Doreen Winstanley4

Impact of a granulosis virus on larval food consumption and development duration of the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.)
Author: Li-hua Lü1, Yu-rong He2, Xia Feng1 and Huan-yu Chen1

Insect pathogens for biological control of the diamondback moth with particular emphasis on the fungus Zoophthora radicans in New Zealand
Author: F.J.L. Stavely1,2, J.K. Pell3, B. Chapman2, T.R. Glare4, H. Yeo5, D.M. Suckling1 and M. Walter1

Proof-of-concept trials for control of DBM by autodissemination
Author: R.A. Vickers1, J.K. Pell2, A. White1 and M.J. Furlong3

Some studies on Nosema infecting DBM in Malaysia
Author: Idris, A.B.1, Zainal-Abidin, B.A.H.2, Sajap, A.S.3, Noran, A.M.2 and Hussan, A.K.4

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