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Insect-plant interactions

Interactions between transgenic plants, the diamondback moth and natural enemies
Author: T. H. Schuler1, R. P. J. Potting1, I. Denholm1 & G. M. Poppy2

Diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.), on peas in Kenya: impact of the host shift on the pest and its parasitoid
Author: Bernhard Löhr and Andrea Rossbach

Trap crops for diamondback moth and other crucifer pests in Guam
Author: R. Muniappan, Junard Cruz and Jesse Bamba

Arabidopsis thaliana as a model host plant for Plutella xylostella
Author: Jenny Barker1,2, Guy Poppy 2,3 and Chris Payne1

Resistance mechanisms of cabbage cultivar “Shinsei” against infestation of the diamondback moth - effect of leaf angle and hardness of outer leaf
Author: Youichi Kobori1, Hiroshi Amano1 and Hisashi Nemoto2

Coping with glucosinolates: disarming the mustard oil bomb*
Author: Heiko Vogel, Jürgen Kroymann, Andreas Ratzka and Thomas Mitchell-Olds

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