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Invited Speakers

Brassica IPM adoption: progress and constraints in south-east Asia
Author: A. Sivapragasam

Improving the integration of pest management practices: theoretical and practical challenges
Author: Michael A. Keller

Diamondback moth resistance to Bt: relevance of genetics and molecular biology to detection and management
Author: David G. Heckel1, Bruce E. Tabashnik2, Yong-Biao Liu3, Linda J. Gahan4, Anthony M. Shelton5, Jian-Zhou Zhao5 & Simon W. Baxter1

New insect control agents: modes of action and selectivity
Author: Thomas C. Sparks

Host plant finding by insects - undersowing crop plants with clover reveals the missing link
Author: Stan Finch and Rosemary H Collier

Developing Trichogramma (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) as a pest management tool
Author: Linda Thomson, Brad Rundle and Ary Hoffmann

Improvement of crucifer IPM in the Changjiang River Valley, China: from research to practice
Author: Shu-sheng Liu1, Zu-hua Shi1, Shi-jian Guo2, Yong-nian Chen3, Guang-mei Zhang1, Lao-fu Lu4, Dong-sheng Wang5, Peter Deuter6 and M.P. Zalucki7

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