First National Conference on the
Future of Australia's Country Towns
The Regional Institute
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Keynote Presentations

Title: Introductory remarks
Author: Professor L A Kilmartin

Title: Education - the litmus of rural well-being
Author: Chris Sidoti

Title: What is happening in rural and regional populations?
Author: Graeme Hugo

Title: Reconstructing Country Towns for Thrival in a Planetist Future
Author: Dr Peter Ellyard

Title: The Importance Of Rural Development In The 21st Century - Persistence, Sustainability, And Futures
Author: John W Keller

Title: The Future of Rural America 2000 - 2050: Conditions, Trends, and Issues
Author: John W Keller

Title: Community learning and sustainability: Practice and policy
Author: Dr Sue Kilpatrick

Title: "Building Social Capital for Sustainable Enterprise Development in Country Towns and Regions: Successful Practices from the United States"
Author: Thomas S. Lyons, Ph.D.

Title: Community Building - Being the Change that Needs to Occur
Author: Sue Middleton

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