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A genome-wide approach to better wheat grain fractionation during milling

L Watson, S McIntosh, P Bundock, G Cordeiro, D Barbary, A Crawford, J White, L Rooke and R.J. Henry

Grain Foods CRC Ltd, Lismore, Australia


Improving the effective separation of wheat bran from endosperm has important economic ramifications for the milling industry. While physical and mechanical aspects of grain fractionation have been studied, a genome-wide genetic approach has not been undertaken. We are using the Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) technique to study both temporal and spatial differences in gene expression in developing wheat (Triticum aestivum) seeds. The high throughput SAGE approach not only provides a comparison of expression profiles – it also offers a platform to aid in the functional annotation of the developing seed transcriptome. In addition, the ability of SAGE to identify low-abundance transcripts will provide a unique opportunity to identify novel genes at an exponential rate. Here we present a comparison of SAGE data from two of our developing seed libraries: whole seed at 14 days post anthesis (dpa) and pericarp tissue at 14dpa.

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