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The 55th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference was held in July 2005 as part of the 12th RACI National Convention. This is the first time since the 7th Convention in 1982 that the Division has participated fully in a National Convention. AACCI and the Downunder Section of AACCI also participated by holding a Pacific Rim Symposium on Asian Cereal Foods which was organised and chaired by Di Miskelly and Dave Hatcher.

The National Convention brought the best in Australian chemistry to Sydney and the Convention centre provided an excellent venue. Joint Sessions with the Analytical and Biotechnology Divisions gave meaning to the broader view of chemistry. Abstracts of these joint sessions are included in these proceedings. The Conventions of the RACI are held every five years and this Convention represented the largest gathering of Australian chemists for some time.

The opening speaker of the 55th Conference was Prof. Bruce Stone. He was introduced by the Divisional chair, Dr Lesley McCleod, who congratulated Bruce on his 2004 Osbourne Medal awarded by AACCI.

A joint Symposium with the Analytical Division on Statistics and Metrology was organised by Joe Panozzo and featured a plenary lecture by Terry Nelsen, long time consultant statistician to AACC International and one of the Divisions special invited speakers. Terry’s paper is included in these proceedings together with abstracts of the other papers presented in the joint session.

The Cereal and Biomolecular Divisions also combined to present a joint Symposium. Chaired by Robert Henry, Tony Blakeney and Helen Allen and was entitled “Biomolecular Aspects of analysis, food and health”. This symposium was led with a plenary lecture from Dr Barry McCleary of Megazyme International. Barry’s paper “Developing test kits for analysis” is included in full however, some papers from this symposium are included here in abstract form only.

The Editors “Cereals 2005”.
Wagga Wagga, December, 2005.

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