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Flavour volatiles generated in wheat grain cooking process

K Srikaeo1, J Furst1, J Ashton2, R Hosken1

1School of Applied Sciences, University of Newcastle, Ourimbah, Australia,
School of Engineering, University of Newcastle, Callaghan, Australia


The cooking of wheat grains, with steam under pressure, is the initial process for some breakfast cereals. This process is traditional but still needed for some products where the desired characteristics cannot be obtained using other modern techniques e.g. extrusion cooking. Recent published work has focused on modern cooking techniques and there has been little work on this older cooking process.

In this study, flavour volatiles formed during the cooking of wheat grains were characterised using SPME and GC/MS techniques. In wheat grains cooked without added ingredients, 49 compounds were identified. More compounds were identified in the samples cooked with added ingredients (sugar, malt extract and salt). The major identified compounds in all samples were hydrocarbons, ketones and aldehydes. This suggests that the main volatiles responsible for flavour in cooked wheat grains are compounds associated with lipid degradation with few compounds derived from the Maillard reaction. The sensory characteristics of the major identified compounds were also proposed.

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