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5: Cereal Production and Processing

Technology adding value for grains and downstream products
Author: G Annison

Detection of floating gluten susceptibility in wheat flour for starch/gluten manufacture
Author: N.J. May1,2, I.L. Batey1,3, D. Miskelly1,2, J. Smit4

Effect of genotype and seeding rate on grain size and uniformity
Author: S.E. Tanaja1, G.D. Batten1, N.A. Fettell2, C.L. Blanchard1, H.M. Allen1, S.R. Openshaw4, A.B. Blakeney5, and R.L. Cracknell6

Flavour volatiles generated in wheat grain cooking process
Author: K Srikaeo1, J Furst1, J Ashton2, R Hosken1

Sponge and dough bread assessment in the northern grains region
Author: D. Martin1,4, T. Lever2, A. Kelly2, J. De Faveri2, K.J. Quail3 and D. Miskelly4

Flour to bread – the critical stages for process control
Author: S.J. Millar, D.G. Bhandari and M.B. Whitworth

Size distribution of polymeric protein in soy-wheat doughs during fermentation
Author: E. Maforimbo1, G. Skurray1, S. Uthayakumaran2 and C.W. Wrigley2

Elongational rheology of wheat flour doughs
Author: M.P. Newberry1, G. Mann2, M.K. Morell2 and M.P. Morgenstern1

A laboratory evaluation of the efficiency of spray drying for encapsulation of functional ingredients
Author: S. Birch1, L. Bui2 and D.M. Small1

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