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4: Statistics and Metrology in Food Analyses

Statistical evaluation of analytical methods
Author: T. C. Nelsen

How traceable is my analysis? – a discussion on legal traceability of chemical measurements and analyses in Australia
Author: Y. Heng, R. Brittain and L. Mackay

Chemometrics for characterisation of vegetable oils from their chemical properties
Author: S Kokot1, J Churchill1, G Zhang2, Y Ni3

High accuracy determination of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides in tomato certified reference material
Author: D.G. Burke, S. Askew, J. Cuthbertson, R. Myors, J. Richardson, D. Saxby, N. Sousou, P. Taylor, and L. Mackay

The provision of reference values to an Australian interlaboratory study of themeasurement of elements in wheat flour
Author: R. Myors, S. Askew, A. Nolan, D. Saxby and L. Mackay

FEFA and red wine grape colour measurements
Author: P.G. Lye1, M Boerkamp2, R. Bradbury1, D.W. Lamb1

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