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3: Cereal Properties

Mapping approach relating quantitative trait loci to dough rheology in an Australian doubled haploid population
Author: G. Mann1, Wujun Ma3, Lynette Rampling1, Zena Nath1, Ibrahim Kutty1, P.E. Leyne1, F. Azanza4, K.J. Quail2, and M.K. Morell1

Effect of lipid concentration on the formation of starch-lipid complexes
Author: Mary Chiming Tang1, 2 and Les Copeland1, 2

Evaluation using DSC and reverseD-phase HPLC of starch and protein extracted from two Australian lentil cultivars, Matilda and Digger
Author: H.C. Lee1, A.K. Htoon2, S. Uthayakumaran2 and J.L. Paterson1

Critical factors under pinning test mill performance
Author: M.D. Southan, B.G. Osborne, D. Mugford, J. McCorquodale

A rice FATB insertional mutant exhibits improved growth and reduced photoinhibition at high temperatures
Author: E.S. Whitelaw1,2, Q. Liu1, F. Chow3, Z. Li1, C.L. Blanchard2 and S. Rahman1

Physicochemical properties of processed pulse flour
Author: H. Yun1, 2, G. Rema1, 2 and K.J. Quail1, 2

Australian hard wheat cultivars are limited in their genetic variability in puroindoline genes
Author: P. Pickering and M. Bhave

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