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Further starch characterisation of wheat lines with different starch synthase IIa null alleles

C. Konik-Rose1, I. Tan2, O. Larroque1, Z. Li1, S. Rahman1 and M.K. Morell1

1CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra, Australia,
University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia


Starch properties of naturally occurring hexaploid wheats do not show a wide degree of variation and this has limited the range of end uses of wheat starch. Greater genetic diversity would allow Australian wheats to compete in new markets, including specialty foods and industrial products, currently dominated by other botanical sources of starch. Recent advances in the study of wheat starch biosynthesis have been possible with the finding and production of wheats with null alleles for the different starch biosynthesis enzymes. This has extended the variation in wheat starch properties and thus the possibilities for novel end uses. This paper presents the characterization of starches generated from five wheat lines for each of the eight different null allele combinations for starch synthase IIa, an enzyme involved in amylopectin synthesis. This follows a preliminary study reported last year (Tan et al, 2004).

Tan, I., Halley, P.J., Konik-Rose, C.M., Rahman, S., Larroque, O., Li, Z., Morell, M. (2004) Proc. Cereals 2004 Conf., pp.393-6.

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