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1: Asian Foods

Asian foods – research, product range and quality attributes
Author: D.M. Miskelly

New approaches to identify gluten proteins with enhanced impacts on Asian noodle texture
Author: A.S. Ross, J.B. Ohm, Y.L. Ong, C.J. Peterson

Applications of rheological principles to noodle texture studies
Author: S.J. Lee

Effect of vacuum mixing on the quality of white salted noodles
Author: S. Huang1, C. Chow1, A. Limley2, N. Sy3, V. Solah2, G.B. Crosbie3 and K.J. Quail1

Current styles of steamed bread in China
Author: S. Huang

Evaluation of flour quality for steamed bread processing – a model using Canadian wheat
Author: B.X. Fu, E.G. Assefaw, and G.R. Carson

Recent advance in Canadian research on Asian noodles
Author: D.W. Hatcher1, O.M. Lukow2, J.E. Dexter1, M. Shahin1 and N.M. Edwards1

Defining and developing tests to meet the key wheat quality requirements of Asian foods
Author: G.B. Crosbie

Chinese dumplings
Author: S. Huang

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