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Lyn Johnson (Warragul)

Orginally from Newport.

Early employment in the ES&A Bank, Williamstown High School and CSIRO.

Spent 2 years working UK and Europe prior to marrying Robert.

Organized and with Rob co-lead, 3 Dairyfarmers study tours to USA, Canada, UK & Europe.

Travelled to Hershey, Pennsylvania to attend the 1980 'American Agri-Women's Convention'.

In 1983 with husband Rob and a partner established Tarago River Cheese Company, home of

  • 'Gippsland Blue' cheese at "Hillcrest Dairyfarm" Neerim South.
  • Mother of 2 adult children, both in agriculture, David in Australia, Anne in the USA.
  • Recently retired from 34 years Dairy-farming.
  • In June of 2001 Lyn relinquished her directorship of Tarago River Cheese Co.
  • Lyn's other interests - Denmark & it's people. Australian Danes - Past & Present. Music, travel, genealogy, the Co-operating Churches, Neerim South and collecting mice.

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