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Important principles of pasture management demonstrated within the Cicerone Project’s grazed farmlet experiment: some personal reflections
Jim Scott

Increasing soil fertility and altering legume-grass balance as adaptation strategies for sustainable livestock production under climate change
Afshin Ghahramani and Andrew D. Moore

Southern Australian feed-base pasture audit
Graham Donald1,2, Stuart Burge3 and Cameron Allan4.

The advantages and disadvantages of pasture cropping in Western Australia
Phil Barrett-Lennard 1, Perry Dolling2 and David Ferris3

Opportunities for grazing crop/pasture intercrops
Penny Roberts Craig1, 2 David Coventry1 and Janelle Hocking Edwards2

Potential of Desmanthus spp. in northern New South Wales
Suzanne P. Boschma1, Graham J. Crocker1,3, Bruce C. Pengelly2 and Steven Harden1

EverFarm: Piloting a strategic decision making process to improve grazing farm systems.
Alison Southwell1, Michael Reynolds2, Geoff Saul3, Lloyd Kingham4

New tall fescue cultivars for medium to low rainfall environments in southern Australia
Carol Harris1,7, Steve Clark2,7, Richard Culvenor3,7, Guangdi Li4,7, Matthew Gardner5,7, Richard Hayes4,7, Zhongnan Nie2,7 , Mark Norton6,7 and Bronwen Clark2,7

Novel Cocksfoots for SE Australia – Establishment and production
Steve Clark1,7, Richard Culvenor2,7, Matthew Gardner3,7, Carol Harris4,7, Richard Hayes5,7, Guangdi Li5,7, Zhongnan Nie1,7, Mark Norton6,7 and Bronwen Clark1,7

Seasonal production of coloured brome (Bromus coloratus Steud) cv. Exceltas, a new high quality perennial temperate pasture grass
Eric Hall and Andrea Hurst

Evaluating new phalaris populations for lower rainfall margins in SE Australia
Richard Culvenor1,7, Steve Clark2,7, Guangdi Li3,7, Matthew Gardner3,4,7, Carol Harris5,7, Richard Hayes3,7, Zhongnan Nie2,7 and Mark Norton6,7

Assessment of Lotus tenuis for desirable seed production characteristics
Peter Lane, David Parsons, Phillipa Green and Eric Hall

Leucaena: Highlighting the value of good agronomy for establishing pasture systems.
Stuart Buck1, Gavin Peck2, Brian Johnson3 and David Lawrence4

Companion legume species maximise productivity of chicory (Cichoruim intybus)
Guangdi Li1, Richard Hayes1, Matthew Gardner2, Jeff McCormick1, Matt Newell3, Graeme Sandral1, Richard Lowrie1 and Hao Zhang4

A survey of farmer practice on the establishment, duration and production of pastures in the mixed farming zone of southern New South Wales
Jeff McCormick1,3, Guangdi Li1,3, Richard Hayes1,3, Geoff Casburn1,3, Matt Gardner1,3, Graeme Sandral1,3, Mark Peoples2,3 and Tony Swan2,3

Crop yield, pasture yield, and environmental impact of pasture cropping with sub-tropical perennials.
Phil Ward1,2, David Ferris2,3, Roger Lawes1,2, Nicola Palmer1,2, Shayne Micin1 and Phil Barrett-Lennard2,4

Low-input, high-quality legume hays for north Queensland.
Kendrick Cox1, Mark Keating1, Steven Dayes1 and Chris Gardiner2

Nutritive value of silage from perennial ryegrass, plantain and lucerne pastures in south west Victoria
Margaret Raeside, Zhongnan Nie, Jean Lamb, Alan Byron and Ralph Behrendt

Summer sowing: a new alternative technique to introduce annual pasture legumes into mixed farming systems
Angelo Loi, B.J. Nutt, R. Yates and M. D’Antuono

Success of perennial pasture establishment at different sowing times and under a cover crop in the mixed farming zone
Guangdi Li1,4, Richard Hayes1,4, Jeff McCormick1,4, Matthew Gardner2,4, Graeme Sandral1,4, Mark Peoples3,4, Tony Swan3,4 and Richard Lowrie1

To under-sow or not? A decision support tool to determine the most profitable method of pasture establishment
Jeff McCormick1,3, Richard Hayes1,3, Guangdi Li1,3, Tom Nordblom1,3, Geoff Casburn1,3, Tim Hutchings1, Andrew D. Moore2,3, Eric Zurcher2,3, Mark Peoples2,3 and Tony Swan2,3

A survey of land use and management, North-West Slopes of New South Wales
Sean R. Murphy and Peter T. Sanson

Identifying lucerne growers’ usage and needs through a survey for breeding new generation lucerne varieties
Shoba Venkatanagappa

Pasture legume production severely reduced when co-sown with winter forage cereals
Lindsay Bell1, John Lawrence1, Simon Jasper2 and Chris Guppy2

Graziers, pasture seed industry and researchers are concerned about pasture productivity decline.
Gavin Peck1, David Lawrence1, Stuart Buck2 and Brian Johnson1

Tasmanian pasture resource audit: Snapshot of functional group composition in 2011
Rowan Smith, Ross Corkrey, Gary Martin, Brian Field and Peter Ball

Seed rain of Microlaena stipoides
Meredith Mitchell1,5, Jim Virgona2, Joe Jacobs3 and David Kemp4

Austrodanthonia spp. in grazed native pastures on the Monaro tableland, NSW
Jo Powells1, Denys Garden2, Luke Pope3, Douglas Alcock3 and Karl Grigulis4

The germination, passage and viability of Desmanthus virgatus (L.) Willenow seed through sheep and its implication for dispersal in tropical rangelands
Chris Gardiner1, Carole Wright2 and Michele Coventry3

Improving mineral availability for grazing livestock in Australian pasture systems by using plantain and lucerne
Margaret Raeside, Zhongnan Nie and Ralph Behrendt

Weed control options for pasture cropping systems in the West Midlands of Western Australia
John Borger1 and David Ferris2,3

Evaluating the importance of a potential source of error when applying shoot 15N labelling techniques to legumes to quantify the below-ground transfer of nitrogen to other species
Matthew Gardner1,4, Mark Peoples3,4, Jason Condon2,4, Guangdi Li2,4, Mark Conyers2,4 and Brian Dear2,4

The search for sustainable stocking rates on Chinese desert steppe
David Kemp1, Han Guodong2, David Michalk1,3, Wang Zhongwu2 and Zhou Mengli2

Use of non fertiliser “growth promotants” as alternatives to urea on high production pastures
Neil Griffiths1, Peter Beale2 and Craig Muir3

Hard seed breakdown rates of six tropical ley pasture legumes.
John Lawrence1, Lindsay Bell1 and Marie Breton2

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