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Australia’s declining crop yield trends II: The role of nitrogen nutrition.
Andrew W. H. Lake

Extractable phosphorus (Colwell) concentrations of soil after banding fertiliser with seed in relation to the critical phosphorus requirement of a wheat crop
Richard Culvenor1, Richard Simpson1, Adam Stefanski1, Scott McDonald1, Neil Fettell2, Allan Rattey1 and Alan Richardson1

The form and fate of stubble phosphorus in cropping soils
Sarah Noack1, Mike McLaughlin1, Ronald Smernik1, Therese McBeath2 and Roger Armstrong3

Nutrient management to nutrient stewardship
Robert M Norton1 and Terry L. Roberts2

Nutrient use-efficiency in current and redundant cotton cultivars
Ian Rochester and Greg Constable

Comparison of decision tools to improve the nitrogen management in irrigated maize under Mediterranean conditions in Spain
Ramon Isla1, Francisco Valentin3, Dolores Qulez1, Monica Guillen1, Joaquin Aibar2 and Marisa Maturano3

Early growth of field peas under saline and boron toxic soils
Sarita Jane Bennett

The impact of lime and gypsum on pasture composition in a grass/legume mixture grown on a shallow acidic loam
Richard Hayes1, Mark Conyers1, Guangdi Li1, Andrew Price1, Graeme Poile1, Matthew Gardner2, Graeme Sandral1 and Jeff McCormick1,3

Sodium Chloride induced salinity reduces the microbial processes in soil
Zahir Shah1 and Syed Asif Shah2

Knowledge is power in soil acidity management
James Fisher 1, Chris Gazey 2, Joel Andrew3 and Steve Carr4

Seasonal mobility of boron and salt in relation to rainfall across the growing season
Hilary Jane Farr1 and Sarita Jane Bennett2

Utilising Chicken Litter as a Crop Fertiliser – Do We Need to Apply Additional Conventional Fertiliser?
Tony Craddock

Application of Diffusive Gradients in Thin-films (DGT) to measure potassium and sulphur availability in agricultural soils
Sean Mason1, Ann McNeill1, Yulin Zhang1, Mike J. McLaughlin1, 2 and Chris Guppy3

Soil test values and nutrient balances from a long term fertilizer experiment.
Robert M Norton1, Peter Howie2 and Charlie Walker3.

Break crops for disease and nutrient management in intensive cereal cropping
Vadakattu Gupta1, Rick Llewellyn1, Therese McBeath1, Stasia Kroker1, Bill Davoren1, Alan McKay2, Kathy Ophel-Keller2 and Anthony Whitbread1,3

Can soil-specific inputs of N fertiliser be a risk-reducing strategy?
Therese McBeath1, Marta Monjardino1, Rick Llewellyn1, Ben Jones2, Jackie Ouzman1, Bill Davoren1 and Lisa Brennan3

Replacement P- can it maintain soil fertility and crop production?
Cathy Paterson1, Roy Latta1, Therese McBeath2 and Sean Mason3

Assessing break crop options for enhanced soil phosphorus availability
Ashlea Doolette1, Ann McNeill1, Roger Armstrong 2 Petra Marschner1 Caixian Tang3 and Chris Guppy4

Wheat yield benefits from fallow due to stored soil water and nitrogen.
Imma Farre1, Michael Robertson2 and Doug Abrecht3

Increasing complexity in nutrient management on clay soils in the northern grain belt – nutrient stratification and multiple nutrient limitations
Mike Bell1, David Lester2, Lawrie Smith2 and Peter Want3

N and P responses for oaten hay
Robert M Norton1, Peter Howie2 and Charlie Walker3

Ammonia volatilisation losses from fertilisers surface-applied to vertosols in the northern Australian grains region
Graeme Schwenke1, Adam Perfrement1, Guy McMullen1, William Manning2

Sub-soil constraints affect responsiveness of wheat to applied Phosphorus
K Dunsford1, RD Armstrong1 and S Mason2

Lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) dry matter, root growth and nodulation in response to lime and phosphorus in an acid, high country soil in New Zealand
Saman Berenji, Derrick J. Moot and Jim L. Moir

Effect of rice husk biochar and nitrification inhibitor treated urea on N and other macronutrient uptake by maize.
Hai Nguyen1,2 Graeme Blair1 and Chris Guppy1

Effect of biochar on P uptake from two acid soils
Slamet Supriyadi1, Annette L. Cowie2, Chris Guppy1, Malem K McLeod3 and Heiko Daniel1

Wheat grain nutrient concentrations for south-eastern Australia
Robert M. Norton

Why crops fail to produce grain yield responses to phosphorus fertilisers?
RD Armstrong1, K Dunsford1, MJ McLaughlin2, S Mason2 and T McBeath3

Spatial and temporal trends of CSBP soil and plant analysis data in shires of Western Australia
Andreas Neuhaus1,2, Leisa J Armstrong 2, Sreedhar Nallan2, Keith Ancajas2, Natasha Warnasuriya2 and Aalap Paresh Gandhi2

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