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Crop Development

Allometric relationships of canopy organ development in rice and maize
Youhong Song1,5, Colin Birch2,5, Delphine Luquet3 and Jim Hanan4

Canopy development and radiation use efficiency of four forage brassica crops
Andrew L. Fletcher1,2, Emmanuel Chakwizira1, Shane Maley1 and Mike George1

The influence of development on early growth in wheat
Felicity Harris1,2, Jim Virgona1,2, John Angus2,3, Peter Martin2,4 and Jason Condon1,

Root development of rice under flooded and aerobic conditions
Jaquie Mitchell1, Michael Owusu1,2 and Shu Fukai1

Mechanisms of drought response in summer forage brassicas
Emmanuel Chakwizira and Andrew L. Fletcher

Vegetative development of four annual clovers
H. Nori, A.D. Black and D.J. Moot

Maize canopy development in response to increasing plant population density
Yukui Rui1, Jing Hao1, Guta Bedane2, Colin J Birch3,4 and Youhong Song4,5

The effects of plant growth regulators on winter and spring canola (Brassica napus L.) types in the High Rainfall Zone of south-eastern Australia
Penny A. Riffkin1, Garry O’Leary2 and Tina Acua3

Effects of high temperature at different developmental stages on the yield of chickpea
V. Devasirvatham1,2, D.K.Y. Tan1, P.M. Gaur2, T.N Raju1 and R.M. Trethowan1

Nitrogen stress during tillering decreases lodging risk and increases yield of irrigated bread-wheat (Triticum aestivum) in north-eastern Australia.
Allan Peake1, Kerry Bell2, Nick Poole3 and John Lawrence1

Regrowth and grain recovery of spring wheats following early defoliation
Tian Lihua1,2, Ainsleigh Wixon2,3 and Lindsay Bell2

Optimising flowering time, phase duration, HI and yield of milling wheat in different rainfall zones of southern Australia
James Hunt1, Neil Fettell2, Jon Midwood3, Paul Breust4, Renick Peries5, Jaikirat S Gill6 and Annieka Paridaen3

Effects of plant growth regulators that reduce stem height on yield of wheat in southern Australia
JT Bennett1,2, JM Virgona1, PJ Martin1 and P O’Connell3

The effect of time of sowing on phenology and yield of chickpeas at Trangie Central West, NSW, 2011
Leigh Jenkins1 and Rohan Brill2

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