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Rice germplasm selection and production systems for the Northern Territory.
Rowena Eastick, Nick Hartley, Malcolm Bennett and Mark Hearnden

Sugarcane for water-limited environments: 3.Transpiration efficiency of commercial and wild relatives of sugarcane
Jayampathi Basnayake1, Philip Jackson2, Geoff Inman-Bamber3 and Prakash Lakshmanan4

Genotype by environment (GxE) interactions for root depth of wheat: Associations and implications
Len J. Wade1 and Tina L. Botwright-Acuna2

Yield components of high-yielding Australian cotton cultivars
Christopher R. Kilby1, Daniel K.Y. Tan1, Brian L. Duggan2 and Greg A. Constable2

Investigation of gene expression underpinning partitioning of seed storage compounds in legumes
Youhong Song1, Siyang Liao1, Xin-Ding Wang1, Michael B. Sheahan1, Manohar L. Garg2 and Ray J. Rose1

Persistence of pasture legumes in southern and central Queensland
Gavin Peck1, Trevor Hall1, Richard Silcock2, Bob Clem3, Stuart Buck4 and Graham Kedzlie1

Potential use of new generation annual pasture legumes in crop-pasture rotations in central and southern NSW
Belinda Hackney1,2, Craig Rodham2,3 and John Piltz2,3

High temperature effects on development and floret sterility of diverse sorghum lines
Chuc Thi Nguyen 1, Vijaya Singh1, Erik van Oosterom1,2, David Jordan3, Scott Chapman4 and Graeme Hammer2

Characterisation of drought stress dynamics in European maize crops
Matthew Harrison1,2, Graeme Hammer2, Carlos Messina3, Zhanshan Dong3 and Franois Tardieu1

A model for predicting milling yield in wheat
James Nuttall, Garry O’Leary, Joe Panozzo and Glenn J Fitzgerald

Field assessment of pre-harvest sprouting of wheat varieties in Western Australia
Sarah Ellis, Ben Biddulph and Kevin Young

Grain protein concentration of several commercial wheat varieties
Rohan Brill1, Matt Gardner2, Neil Fettell3, Peter Martin4, Barry Haskins5 and Guy McMullen2

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