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Soil quality - Carbon and Compaction

Balancing Soil Carbon Quality and Quantity for Sustainable Agriculture
Nelly Blair1 and Graeme Blair2

Explaining variability in soil carbon stocks based on farm management factors
Erin J Lawrence-Smith, Michael H Beare, Denis Curtin, Craig S Tregurtha

Model simulations of carbon storage and fluxes in native perennial and temperate grass-based pastures
G. M. Lodge1 and I. R. Johnson2

Impact of landuse on profile distribution of fine root biomass in NSW, Australia
Giregon Olupot1, Heiko Daniel1, Peter Lockwood1, Melinda McHenry2, Malem McLeod3, Paul Kristiansen1

Combined effect of soil moisture and external loads on soil compaction
MA Hamza1, SS Al-Adawi2 and KA Al-Hinai2

Will stubble management and stubble load affect soil organic carbon under cropping in the high rainfall zone of Victoria?
Penny Riffkin1 and Fiona Robertson2

Soil science on the ground
Melissa Cann1, Richard MacEwan2, Tim Johnston3, Bernard Noonan4, Gemma Heemskerk5, Damian Bougoure6, Darryl Pearl7, Mark Imhof8, Doug Crawford8, Pauline Mele6, Abdur Rab9 and Colin Smith2

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