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Simulation and Decision Support

Simulating perennial crops with the APSIM plant module – a study with lucerne
Edmar Teixeira1,2, John Hargreaves3, Hamish Brown1,2, Derrick Moot1

Integration of a pasture model into APSIM
Frank Y Li1, Val O. Snow2, Dean P. Holzworth3 and Ian R. Johnson4

Bio-economic modelling of beef grazing enterprises to inform sustainable grazing management of northern Australian grazing lands
Neil MacLeod1, Joe Scanlan2, Giselle Whish2 and Lester Pahl2

Flowering Calculator: Parameters for predicting flowering dates of new wheat varieties in Western Australia
DL Sharma1, BJ Shackley2, CM Zaicou-Kunesch3 and B Curtis4

The evolving role of crop modelling in agronomy research
Michael Robertson1 and Peter Carberry2

Is there a better way to present simulation data and probabilities?
Jeremy Whish1, Richard Routley2, Howard Cox2, and Stuart Pilcher3

Using industry information to obtain insight into the use of crop rotations in the Western Australian wheat belt and quantifying their effect on wheat yields
Roger Lawes

Validating the GRAZPLAN pasture model for native grasslands of the Monaro region
Andrew D. Moore1, Douglas J. Alcock2, Luke C. Pope2 and Jo I. Powells2

Developing grass curing algorithms for decision support tools
Helen Daily1,2,6, Peter Lane1, Shaun Lisson3, Kerry Bridle3,4, Stuart Anderson2,5 and Ross Corkrey4

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