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Subsoil Constraints

Removal of a subsoil constraint - When does it pay?
Imma Farre1, Bill Bowden2, Stephen Davies3 and Dennis van Gool4

On-farm assessment of sub-soil salinity and sodicity constraints to barley production in southern Australia
Ehsan Tavakkoli1, Ben Jones2, Stewart Coventry1, Pichu Rengasamy1 and Glenn McDonald1

Impacts of simulated subsurface soil compaction on soil properties and barley growth in Canterbury, New Zealand
Guillermo Hernandez-Ramirez1, Erin J Lawrence-Smith1, Sarah M Sinton1, Frank Tabley1, Andreas Schwen2, Michael H Beare1, and Hamish E Brown1

Phalaris and lime – improving productivity on an acidic soil in a drought-prone ‘high-rainfall’ environment
Richard Hayes1,2,3, Guangdi Li1,3, Brian Dear1,3, Mark Conyers1 and Jim Virgona2,3

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