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Nutrient Management

Developing a searchable national database of grain soil test - crop response information for Australia
SD Speirs1, IG Watmuff2, DJ Reuter3, KI Peverill4, DE Elliott5

‘NBudget’ – a nitrogen management tool for cropping systems
David Herridge1, Stephanie Belfield2 and Loretta Serafin3

Improved prediction of wheat yield response to nitrogen curves
Ben Jones1,3 and Anthony Whitbread2

Improved modelling of manure mineralisation through new methods for characterising the carbohydrate pools
Mohammad Feizal Daud1,2, David Parsons2, Aduli Malau-Aduli2 and Peter Lane2

Two SALTs - Simulation Assisted Learning Tools for N fertiliser rate calculation in the northern grains region
Howard Cox and Alastair Doherty

New Tools for Real Time N Sensing of Cereal Crops
Eileen M. Perry1, Glenn J. Fitzgerald1 and Andrew Whitlock2

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