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Nitrogen and Phoshorus

Phosphorus use efficiency in wheat and barley
Glenn McDonald1, Rob Wheeler2, Kenton Porker2 Bill Bovill1, Alan McKay3, Alison Smith4

The farm-gate phosphorus balance of sheep grazing systems maintained at three contrasting soil fertility levels
Richard J. Simpson, Adam Stefanski, David J. Marshall, Andrew D. Moore and Alan E. Richardson

Expanding the use of Diffusive Gradients in Thin-Films (DGT) for assessing phosphorus requirements of different crop types
Sean Mason1, Ann McNeill1 and Mike J. McLaughlin1

Sulphur-enhanced triple superphosphate as a substitute for single superphosphate
Graeme Blair

Effect of in-season moisture on carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in alkaline, semi-arid soils
Claire McMahon 1, Roger Armstrong 1, Therese McBeath2 and Mike McLaughlin2

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