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High temperature

Characterising the risk of heat stress on wheat in South Australia: meteorology, climatology and the design of a field heating chamber
Bronya Alexander1, Peter Hayman1, Glenn McDonald2, ASM Hasim Talukder2 and Gurjeet Gill2

Effects of elevated CO2 and irrigation on gas exchange and water relations among two wheat cultivars
Sabine Posch1, Saman Seneweera1, Klaudia Borowiak2, Robert Norton1, 3, Glenn Fitzgerald4, Michael Tausz5

Future elevated carbon dioxide levels largely overcome the impact of hotter and drier conditions on wheat growth in the Victorian Wimmera
James Nuttall1, Garry O’Leary1, Glen Fitzgerald1 and Robert Norton2

Impact of high temperature on the reproductive stage of chickpea
V Devasirvatham1,2, DKY Tan1, RM Trethowan1, PM Gaur2 and N Mallikarjuna2

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