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Farmer Focussed Research

Effect of irrigation on yield, quality and water use efficiency of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea).
Issa Piri

Effect of nitrogen and zinc fertilisers on yield and protein content of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum var. durum)
Ali Khourgami 1 and Ghobad Bour2

Traditional soil fertility management strategies: Do they conform to recommendations in organic farming? A case study of the smallholder farmers of the Central Rift Valley Province of Kenya
Richard N. Onwonga1, Bernhard Freyer2 and Joyce J. Lelei3

Effect of post-emergent solid and liquid nitrogen on grain yield and quality of bread and durum wheats
Shahajahan Miyan1, Stephen Loss2 and Wal Anderson3

Tillage and nitrogen management in a wheat-maize farming system
Ahmad Khan1, Mohammad Tariq Jan1, Amanullah Jan1, Zahir Shah2 and Shamsher Ali2

Responses of bread and durum wheat to agronomic practices in Western Australia
Shahajahan Miyan1 and Wal Anderson2

Evaluation of a proximal vision data acquisition system for measuring spatial variability in lettuce growth
A Hussain1, SR Raine1, CW Henderson2 and T Jensen3

Survey of soil-borne disease suppression to Rhizoctonia solani in low rainfall farming systems on upper Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.
Amanda Cook1, Nigel Wilhelm1 and Chris Dyson2.

Changed farming practice in central Queensland grain farming systems.
Anne Shepherd and Richard Routley

An evaluation of two new vetch cultivars in the Wimmera region of Victoria
Justin Elliott1, 2, Bradley Jackson1, Joanna McKerrow1, Ashley Summerhayes1 and Nick Wachsmann1

How much fuel does your farm use for different management operations?
Jodie Bowling1, Nicolyn Short1, Glen Riethmuller1, James Fisher2 and Moin U. Salam1*

Variable response to phosphorous fertilisers in wheat and chickpea crops in central Queensland
Richard Routley1, Graham Spackman2 and Maurice Conway1

Responses of biomass, chlorophyll and macro- and micronutrient uptake of rice (Oryza sativa L.) to organic and chemical fertilisers
Mohammad Ali Bahmanyar1, Hemmatollah Piradshti2

The effects of Zn and K fertilisers on agronomical characteristics and Zn, Fe and P accumulation in two wheat cultivars in calcareous soils
Mohammad Ali Bahmanyar1, Hemmatollah Piradshti2

Grain yield of Heritage wheat varieties in South Australian Mallee, 2001.
Richard Saunders

A standards based approach to farmers and scientists sharing information via electronic networks
Roger Johnson

Thirty years of change in South Australian broadacre agriculture
Ian Black and Chris Dyson

Optimising spray efficacy in summer: Delta t red alert system
Kerry Bormann

Long-term performance of intensive cereal-based cropping in the Mallee
Bill Davoren1, Anthony Whitbread1, Rick Llewellyn1, David Roget2 and Gupta Vadakattu2

An index for evaluating crop production variability from remote and proximal sensor data
Ronaldo de Oliveira1 and Brett Whelan2

The influence of agronomic management on seed size attributes in kabuli chickpea.
Michael Lines1, Larn McMurray1, Jason Brand2 and Kristy Hobson2

Effects of plant density on the yield of field pea and faba bean varieties across southern and central NSW—preliminary findings
EL Armstrong1, PW Matthews2, NA Fettell3, DJ Holding4, LG Gaynor1, CJ Lisle1 and BR Cullis1

Farmer’s participatory research on integrated farming system
C. Jayanthi, C. Vennila2 and K. Nalini3

Managing Water Soluble Carbohydrates and Fibre in Oaten Hay
Jeff Braun1, Mick Faulkner1, Pamela Zwer2 and Glenn McDonald3

Using local case studies in the high rainfall zone of south-eastern Australia to generate grower confidence in computer model outputs
Angela Clough1 , Penny Riffkin2, Muhuddin Anwar3 and Garry O’Leary3

Selection of widely adapted lowland rice varieties for wet and dry seasons in Laos
Jaya Basnayake1,2, Shu Fukai2, Sipaseuth3, P Inthapanya3 and M Chanphengxay3

Development of new lentil varieties in Bangladesh
Jalal Uddin1, A. Sarker2, Rajib Podder1, Ali Afzal3, Harunor Rashid1 and Kadambot H.M. Siddique4

Participatory variety selection increases adoption of modern varieties by subsistence farmers in East Timor
Robert Williams, Lorenco Fontes, Deolindo da Silva, Alex Dalley and Brian Monaghan

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