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Emerging opportunities

Geo-referenced, catchment based soil pH monitoring in three agro-ecological regions of Western Australia.
Joel Andrew1, Chris Gazey2, Stephen Carr1, David York1, David Gartner2, Adam Clune2 and Breanne Best2

Australian Plant Genetic Resources Activities in 2006 and 2007
Geoff Auricht1, R Redden2, Peter Lawrence3, Michael Mackay4, Steve Hughes1 and Richard Snowball5

Glycinebetaine and salicylic acid application improves the plant water relations, water use efficiency and yield of sunflower under different planting methods
Mubshar Hussain, Muhammad Farooq, and M. A. Malik

Herbicide resistance in littleseed canarygrass (Phalaris minor) and its management
RS Chhokar, RK Sharma, RK Singh and SC Gill

Zero tillage wheat and unpuddled rice: the energy, labour and cost efficient alternatives to conventional rice-wheat system
RK Sharma, RS Chhokar, RK Singh and SC Gill

Optimising the quality and yield of spelt under organic production in SE Australia
R Neeson1, J Evans1, V Burnett2, D Luckett1, C Wellings1, H Taylor1; H Raman1, E Van Meeuwen 1 and P Bowden4

Effectiveness of dairy first pond sludge as a nutrient source for perennial ryegrass pasture production
Graeme Ward and Joe Jacobs

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