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Biotechnology, Paddock Reality

Evaluation and utilisation of pea and faba bean germplasm from China.
R Redden1, J vanLeur2, X Zong3, S Bao4, L. Yujiao5, J Paull6 and T Leonforte1

Variability in structure and function of sorghum root systems
Vijaya Singh, Graeme Hammer, Erik van Oosterom

Plant Design Features that Improve Grain Yield of Cereals under Drought
Erik van Oosterom1, Graeme Hammer1, Hae-Koo Kim1,2, Greg McLean3, Kurt Deifel1

Can large kernel size increase grain yield in sorghum?
Zongjian Yang 1, Graeme Hammer 1, Erik van Oosterom 1, David Jordan2 and Alistair Doherty3

Genetic diversity in tropical legumes: cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) and lablab (Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet)
Tefera Tolera1, Petr Karlovsky2 and Brigitte L. Maass3

The role of genetic solutions for overcoming subsoil constraints to lentil
Roger Armstrong, James Nuttall , Michael Materne and Kristy Hobson

Increasing grain size and reducing screenings in wheat using a tiller inhibition gene – investigating grain morphology by image analysis
JH Mitchell 1,3, Scott Chapman 1, Greg Rebetzke 2 and Shu Fukai 3

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