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Farming in an Uncertain Climate

Examining the value of dynamic seasonal forecasts in managing farm-level production and environmental outcomes in a variable climate
Steven Crimp1, Uday Nidumolu1,2, Donald Gaydon1, Mark Howden1 and Peter Hayman2

Can we use forecasts of El Nio and La Nia for frost management in the Eastern and Southern grains belt?
Bronya Alexander1 and Peter Hayman1

A dynamic simulation model for an agricultural catchment driven by markets, farmers attitude and rainfall change
S Asseng 1, A Dray 2, P Perez2,3, X Su1, and JP Mueller3

Shire scale impacts and adaptation options for Australian cereal crops affected by climate change
Andries Potgieter1, Alistair Doherty1, Steven Crimp2, Daniel Rodriguez1, Graeme Hammer3, H Meinke4, H Fearweather5

Paddock change for climate change
JN Tullberg

South Australian farmers’ concerns and adaptation options for climate change
Melissa Rebbeck and Trudi Duffield

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