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Biotechnology, Paddock Reality

Simulating yield impact of QTL controlling leaf and silk expansion under drought in maize
Karine Chenu1,2, Franois Tardieu1, Scott Chapman3, Greg McLean2, Claude Welcker1 and Graeme Hammer4

Development of the Generic APSIM Cereal Template to Enhance Functionality of Whole-Plant Modelling
Greg McLean1, Graeme Hammer2, Erik van Oosterom2 and Alistair Doherty1

Effect of early moisture deficit on growth, development and yield in high retention Bt cotton
Marcelo Paytas1 3, Stephen Yeates1 4, Shu Fukai1 and Longbin Huang2

Do sowing rules change for high fruit retention transgenic cotton?
Michael Bange1 and Rose Roche

A wheat ideotype for the high rainfall zone of south-west Victoria
Penny Riffkin1 and Roger Sylvester-Bradley2

Emerging opportunities for agriculture: investigating plant adaptation by characterizing germplasm collection habitats
J Berger1,2, JA Palta1,2, C Ludwig1,2, D Shrestha1,2, MC Mackay3, KA Street4, J Konopka4, S Jenkins2, KN Adhikari5, HC Clarke2, JS Sandhu6 and H Nayyar7

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