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Managing water in a changing environment

Climate change impact on field crops and adaptation options in Southeastern Australia
Muhuddin Anwar1*, Garry O’Leary1, David McNeil1, Hemayet Hossain2 and Roger Nelson3

Delivering soil water information to growers and consultants
Neal Dalgliesh1, Graeme Wockner2 and Allan Peake1

Measurement of dry-end soil water diffusivity on intact soil cores
David Deery1, 2, John Passioura1, Asitha Katupitiya2 and Jason Condon2

The role of groundwater depth on the hydrological benefits of lucerne and the subsequent recharge values
Ruhi Ferdowsian1 and Geoff Bee21

Effect of water deficit on yield of Pasja forage brassica
Richard Martin, Derek Wilson, Richard Gillespie, Shane Maley and Matt Riddle

Investigation into partial root zone drying in cotton cropping systems
James Neilsen and Greg Constable

Can variability in subsoil constraints be spatially managed in the high rainfall zone of SE Australia?
Philip Newton1, Richard MacEwan2, Doug Crawford3 and Tim Clune1

Growth and water use response of two wheat cultivars exposed to water deficit at four growth stages
Song Ai Nio1, Timothy Colmer1 and Len Wade1

Limited ability of native pastures to control deep drainage
Johann Nogueira1, Rob Norton2, Roger Armstrong3, Jason Brand4

The effect of sorghum row spacing on fallow cover distribution and soil water accumulation in central Queensland
Richard Routley, Brendan Lynch and Maurice Conway

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