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Future technologies in agriculture

Spectral response of nitrogen fertilization in cotton (Gossypium species)
Mohammad Shamim Ansari1, Raj Kumar Mahey2, Sukhjinder Singh Sidhu3 and Gulsan Singh Bahl4

The Australian National Agricultural Monitoring System – a national climate risk management application
Sarah Bruce1, Ashley Leedman1 and John Sims1

RAPSIM, a statistical toolbox for analysing and visualising large simulation data sets
Mario D’Antuono1, James Fisher2 and Doug Abrecht3

Improving a spatially-referenced crop simulation model by accounting for salinity
Prakash Dixit1, Deli Chen1, Yong Li1, Garry O’Leary2 and J.F. Angus3

APSIM-Barley model – Adaptation of a wheat model to simulate barley growth and development
Ahmad M Manschadi1, Zvi Hochman2, Greg Mclean1, Peter deVoil1, Dean Holzworth2 and Holger Meinke1

Automatic Identification of Soil Spectral End-Members from multi-temporal MODIS Imagery in the Western Australian Wheat-Belt
Andrew P. Rodger1, Graciela Metternicht1, Henry Smolinski2 and Greg Beeston2

Seasonal changes in pasture quality in Mediterranean regions of Australia
A.G.T. Schut1,2, A.N. Thompson3, S.G. Gherardi4 and Graciela Metternicht1

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