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Improving crops and pastures for targeted environments

Can grain protein contents be increased without sacrificing grain yields in wheat?
Senthold Asseng and Stephen Milroy

Melilotus siculus (syn messanensis) is constrained by a lack of suitable rhizobia
Nigel Charman, Ross Ballard and Andrew Craig

Austrodanthonia caespitosa shows potential as a new pasture grass for the low rainfall wheatbelt
Brian Dear1,4, Belinda Hackney1,4, Richard Hayes1,4 , Cathy Waters2,4 and Peter Jessop3,4

Production and persistence of a winter-active chicory cultivar in southern NSW
Richard Hayes, Brian Dear, Guangdi Li and Craig Lihou

Summer dormancy increases persistence of perennial grasses in a wheatbelt environment
Richard Hayes1,2, Brian Dear1,2, Guangdi Li1,2, J.M. Virgona1,2, Mark Conyers1 and Belinda Hackney1,2

Perennial herbs – can they make a contribution in high rainfall dairy pastures?
Joe Jacobs and Graeme Ward

The effect of dairy effluent on dry matter yields and nutritive characteristics of summer active regrowth forage crops
Joe Jacobs and Graeme Ward

Trifolium dasyurum L. (Eastern star clover): Exploiting a novel pasture species for innovative strategies to control weed seed banks.
Angelo Loi1, Bradley Nutt1 and Clinton Revell12

Matching agronomic practices with improved cultivars to expand lentil production in Australia
Larn McMurray1, Michael Materne2, Kerry Regan3, Geoff Dean4, Peter Matthews5 and Jason Brand2

Predicting mixed stand alfalfa fibre content in New York State
David Parsons1 and Jerome H. Cherney1

Waterlogging tolerance of 12 perennial forage legumes from the Lotus genus
Daniel Real1, Timothy Colmer1,2, Jonathan Warden1 and Graeme Sandral1, 3

Interspecific hybrid, Zea mays L. x Tripsacum dactyloides L., a new fodder crop with large silage biomass production under abiotic stresses
Yuri Shavrukov1, Victor Sokolov2, Peter Langridge1 and Mark Tester1

Understanding productivity decline in subterranean clover-based pastures in south-western Australia
Timothy Scanlon1, Len Wade1, Megan Ryan1

Deep incorporation of organic matter improves wheat growth on a Sodosol with dense subsoil
JS Gill, Peter Sale and Caixian Tang

Quantifying safflower development using environmental parameters
Nick Wachsmann1, Rob Norton1 and David Jochinke2

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