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Building crop and pasture systems for sustained productivity and profitability - agronomy

Carrot yield on a steep slope versus low slope from the north-west coast of Tasmania: A preliminary study.
Michael Braunack1,2

Row spacing impacts on dryland wheat yields in central Queensland.
Stuart Buck1, Rodney Collins2, David Reid3 and Graham Spackman4

A nitrogen fertiliser calculator emphasising climate risk management
Howard Cox1, Wayne Strong1 , Angus Munro1, Richard Routley2, David Owens1

Mycorrhizae: a benefit to high-yield maize cropping systems?
M. Susana Grigera1, Rhae A. Drijber1 and Brian J. Wienhold2

Alternative perennial legumes for the high rainfall zone of SE Australia.
Pedro Evans and Gavin Kearney

High wheat seeding rates and plant density do not go hand in hand
Kari-Lee R. Falconer1 and DL Sharma2

Performance of two wheats with differing row configurations, and nitrogen and sowing rates
Tom Giles, Nicholas Paltridge, Mubashar Ali Khan and David Coventry

Effect of grain size on the competitive ability of wheat
Gurjeet Gill and Michael C. Zerner

Quantifying Carbon Sequestration on Saltland Pastures in South West Australia
J. O. Issango1, R.W. Bell1, B. Waddell2, S. Mann 2 and E.G. Barrett-Lennard3

Agronomic performance and adoption of liquid fertilisers in Western Australia
Stephen Loss and Matthew Appelbee

Evaluation of oat varieties for hay production in Western Australia
Raj Malik1, Blakely Paynter2 and Kellie Winfield2

Agronomic performance of dwarf milling oats in Western Australian environments
Raj Malik1, Kellie Winfield2 and Blakely Paynter2

Impact of a history of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) on the root dynamics of a subsequent canola (Brassica napus L.) and wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) crop
J. Sergio Moroni, Philip Eberbach and J.M. Virgona

Increasing Fodder Production in Central Tibet
Nicholas Paltridge1, Tom Giles1, Jin Tao2, Wei Zexiu2, Liu Guoyi2, Ci Yang2, Nyima Tashi2 and David Coventry1

Potential of tropical forages for the Tasmanian dairy industry
Keith Pembleton, Richard Rawnsley, Danny Donaghy and Peter Chamberlain

Preliminary studies of inheritance of autogamy in Lotus corniculatus L.
Daniel Real1, Jonathan Warden1, Matthew Nelson2 and Graeme Sandral1,3

When to sow chickpea in south-western Australia
Kerry Regan1,2 and Kadambot H.M. Siddique2

Plant Characteristics associated with wheat yield in the High Rainfall Zone of southern Australia
Penny Riffkin1 and David McNeil2

Components of long-term nitrogen balance in central Qld grain cropping systems.
Richard Routley1, Anne Sullivan1, Michael Braunack1, Graham Spackman2 and Maurice Conway1

Eight years of Distichlis spicata growth improves soil properties in a saline discharge zone
Mark Sargeant, Caixian Tang and Peter Sale

Salt priming improves establishment of Distichlis spicata under saline conditions
Mark Sargeant, Peter Sale and Caixian Tang

Nitrogen management for increased wheat production in the High Rainfall Cropping Zone of Western Australia
Narelle Simpson1, Ron McTaggart2, W.K. Anderson2, Lionel Martin3 and Dave Allen1.

Seasonal changes in root dry matter and N content of lucerne crops under contrasting defoliation regimes
Edmar I. Teixeira1, Derrick J. Moot1,3, Michael Mickelbart2 and Hamish E. Brown1

Lucerne canopy expansion in spring was affected by the level of winter root reserves.
Edmar I. Teixeira1, Derrick J. Moot1, 2 and Andrew L. Fletcher1

Crop characteristics for high yield of wheat in the high rainfall zone of Western Australia
Heping Zhang1, Mick Poole1, Neil C. Turner2 and Narelle Simpson3

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