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Building crop and pasture systems for sustained productivity and profitability

Invited paper: The tension between specialization and diversification in the evolution of farming systems for the Australian crop-livestock zone.
Mike Ewing

New annual pasture legumes for southern Australia - 15 years of revolution
Phillip Nichols1,2, Angelo Loi1,2, Mike Ewing1,3, Clinton Revell1,2, John Howieson, 1,4, Martin Barbetti1,5, Bradley Nutt1,2, Richard Snowball1,2, Ming Pei You1,2, Stephen Carr1,2,6, Kevin Foster1,2, Peter Skinner1,2, Darryl McClements1,2, Krzysztof Gajda1, Bradley Wintle2, Daniel Kidd2, Andrew Craig7, Ramakrishnan Nair8, Jake Howie8, Stephen Hughes8, Geoff Auricht8, Carolyn de Koning9, Brian Dear10, Graeme Sandral10, Belinda Hackney10, Graham Crocker11, Pedro Evans12, David Lloyd13 and Eric Hall14

Burning narrow windrows for weed seed destruction
Michael Walsh1 and Peter Newman2

The role of nitrogen and in-crop lucerne suppression for increasing cereal performance in companion cropping systems
Rob Harris13, Tim Clune1, Mark Peoples2, Antony Swan2, William Bellotti3 and Wen Chen4

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