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Managing water in a changing environment

Water extraction of high retention cotton crops
James Neilsen and Grant Roberts

Initial soil water: myth and management
Carina Moeller1, Senthold Asseng1, Jens Berger1 and Stephen Milroy1

Options for root zone drainage in high rainfall areas.
Derk Bakker

Reduced frost damage in wheat crops grown in delved soils
M. Rebbeck1, C. Lynch1 and V.O. Sadras1,2

Comparative water use productivity of forages for the dairy industry in northern Victoria
Alister Lawson1,2, Kerry Greenwood1 and Kevin Kelly1

The influence of grazing interval and perennial grass species on soil moisture.
J.M. Virgona and A. Southwell

Soil water under lucerne phase and companion cropping systems.
Phil Ward1,2, Perry Dolling1,3, Diana Fedorenko1,4, Neil Fettell1,5, Rob Harris1,6, Brett Honeysett1,5, Roy Latta1,7, Anita Lyons1, Mark Peoples1,8 and Antony Swan8

An alternative method for simulating crop water use
Hamish E. Brown1.2., Derrick J. Moot1 and Peter D. Jamieson2.

Application of APSIM ‘multi-paddock’ to estimate whole-of-farm water-use efficiency, system water balance and crop production for a rice-based operation in the Coleambally Irrigation District, NSW
Donald Gaydon1, Shaun Lisson2, and Emmanuel Xevi3

PAWC determines spatial variability in grain yield and nitrogen requirement by interacting with rainfall on northern WA sandplain
Yvette Oliver1, Mike Wong2, Michael Robertson3, Kathy Wittwer4

On-Farm Water Management and the Madden-Julian Oscillation
Lexie Donald1, Sarah Lennox1, Holger Meinke1, Matthew Wheeler2 and Fiona Lo2

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