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Overcoming soil and nutrient constraints

Acidification of Western Australia’s agricultural soils and their management
Stephen Davies1, Chris Gazey1, Bill Bowden1, Dennis vanGool1, Dave Gartner1, Tania Liaghati2 and Bob Gilkes2

Subsoil constraints and wheat production in Queensland: economic impacts and fertiliser management opportunities
Bob Farquharson1, Zvi Hochman2 and Ben Harms3

Towards an understanding of variability in yield responses to liming
James Fisher1, Chris Gazey1, and Stephen Davies2

The effect of P and K Nutrition on the tolerance of wheat and chickpea to subsoil salinity.
Dhananjay Singh1, Yash Dang2, Ram Dalal3, Richard Routley4 and Michael Mann1

Are flip-flop yields of crops on alkaline soils in the Victorian Mallee related to subsoil physicochemical constraints?
James Nuttall1,2 and Roger Armstrong1

High chloride in subsoil: a key indicator for potential grain yield losses in southwest Queensland
Yash Dang1, Michael McDonald2, Richard Routley3, Ram Dalal4, Dhananjay Singh5, Denis Orange1 and Michael Mann5

Catchment based long-term monitoring reveals the value of lime application to correct soil acidity.
David York1, Joel Andrew1, Chris Gazey2 and Stephen Carr1

Hardpan penetration ability of wheat roots
Tina Botwright Acuna1, Estela Pasuquin2 and Len Wade1

Understanding deep drainage in Grey Vertosols of the Moonie and Condamine catchments of south east Queensland
Vic French1, Jeremy Whish2, Philippa Tolmie3, Rowland Cook4 and Philip Egan5

Rooting patterns in double-haploids lines of wheat for reduced-tillering and their relationship with early N uptake
Jairo A Palta1,3, Ian R P Fillery1 and G.J. Rebetzke2

Root turnover and microbial biomass in cotton farming systems
Nicholas Luelf1, Daniel Tan1,4, Nilantha Hulugalle2,4 Oliver Knox3,4, Tim Weaver2,4, Damien Field1,4

Response of wheat to split application of nitrogen on a leaching sandy soil
DL Sharma1, Lionel Martin2 and W.K. Anderson3

Identifying nutrient management opportunities and threats in the Western Australian grains industry
Wen Chen1, WM Porter2, Richard Bell1, Bill Bowden2, Ross Brennan3 and Zed Rengel4

Simulating the impacts subsoil constraints on wheat yields in the Northern Grain Zone
Zvi Hochman1, Yash Dang2, Neal Dalgliesh1 and Perry Poulton1

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