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Improving crops and pastures for targeted environments

Changes in sorghum yield components after chilling
Daniel Tan1, Alexander Wood1, Ezaz Mamun1, Bruce Sutton1, Paul Castor2

Development and adoption of new kabuli chickpea varieties in Australia
Kerry Regan1,2, Kadambot H.M. Siddique2 and W.J. MacLeod1,2

Reducing management inputs and maximising seed quality in faba beans through improved varieties
Jim Egan1, Larn McMurray2, Jeff Paull3, Jenny Davidson4 and Joanne Crouch1

Screening for sodium exclusion in wheat and barley
Yuri Shavrukov, Jairus Bowne, Peter Langridge and Mark Tester

Tapping the large genetic variability for salinity tolerance in chickpea
V Vadez1, L Krishnamurthy 1, Pooran M Gaur 1, Hari D Upadhyaya 1, David A Hoisington 1, Rajeev K Varshney 1, Neil C Turner 2, Kadambot HM Siddique 2

Plant parameters identified for evaluating varietal performance of acid tolerance in lucerne
Xianguang Zhang, Alan Humphries and Geoff Auricht

Improving forage legume options for saline environments – Melilotus species
Mary-Jane Rogers1,2, Timothy Colmer1,3, Kirsten Frost1,3, Dave Henry1,4, David Cornwall1,2, Elizabeth Hulm1,4, Steve Hughes1,5 and Andrew Craig1,6

On wheat and salmon: the trade-off between seed size and number
V.O. Sadras

Reduced-tillering wheat lines maintain kernel weight in dry environments
J.H. Mitchell1,3, S.C. Chapman1, G.J. Rebetzke2 and Shu Fukai3

Screening for waterlogging tolerance of wheat in the field in Western Australia
Glenn McDonald1, Tim Setter2, Irene Waters2 and Ray Tugwell1

Hardy Australians: Ecogeography of Cullen suggests perennial legumes for low rainfall pastures
Richard Bennett1,2,3, Timothy Colmer1,2, Daniel Real1 and Megan Ryan1,2

Agronomy as applied ecology-or why we shouldn’t lose sight of the big picture when marking the white pegs. A chickpea example.
Jens. D. Berger

Poor persistence of sub-tropical grasses over winter
Geoff Moore1, Tony Albertsen2, Dennis vanGool1 and John Titterington1

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