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Participatory research: adopting agronomy

Factors affecting planting decisions in Central Queensland farming systems- lessons from on- farm research
Jessica Mowat 1, Richard Routley1, Anne Sullivan1 and Graham Spackman2

Yield Prophet: An online crop simulation service
James Hunt1, Harm vanRees1, Zvi Hochman2, Peter Carberry2, Dean Holzworth2, Neal Dalgliesh2, Lisa Brennan3, Perry Poulton2, Stephen van Rees1, Neil Huth2 and Allan Peake2

Developing a better understanding of determining potassium requirements in cereal cropping in the central wheatbelt of Western Australia.
Jeff Russell1, James Eyres2, Angie Roe2, Geoff Fosbery2 and Yvette Oliver3.

Evaluating knowledge and practices to combat subsoil constraints in north-eastern Australia
Stuart Buck1, Richard Routley2, Michael McDonald3, Yash Dang4, Hugh Allan and Graeme Schwenke5

Participatory research for agronomy: the New Zealand experience
Huub Kerckhoffs1, Murray Bruges2 and Willie Smith2

A new innovation or successful implementation?
Fiona Best1, Alexandra Gartmann1, Harm vanRees2

Lifetime Wool: Developing effective extension packages for farmers - A case study based on sustained behaviour change principles
Mandy Curnow1, Ian Rose1, Darren Gordon2, A.N. Thompson2 and Chris Oldham2

Seeds of Life: A participatory variety selection program with subsistence farmers in East Timor
Robert L. Williams1, Loureno B. Fontes2, Deolindo da Silva3, Alex G. Dalley4 and Brian Monaghan5

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