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Gene to phenotype complexity

Complex Trait Genetics and Gene-to-Phenotype Models
Author: Mark Cooper, Dean Podlich and Oscar S. Smith

Modelling gene networks controlling transition to flowering in Arabidopsis
Author: Stephen M. Welch1, Zhanshan Dong2, Judith L. Roe3

The Struggle to Exploit Non-additive Variation
Author: Bruce Walsh

Linking physiological and genetic analyses of the control of leaf growth under fluctuating environmental conditions
Author: Franois Tardieu, Matthieu Reymond, Bertrand Muller, Thierry Simonneau, Walid Sadok and Claude Welcker

Trait physiology and crop modelling to link phenotypic complexity to underlying genetic systems.
Author: Graeme Hammer 1,2, Scott Chapman3, Erik van Oosterom1, Dean Podlich4.

Modelling differential phenotypic expression
Author: Fred A. van Eeuwijk1, Marcos Malosetti1, Xinyou Yin2, Paul C. Struik2 and Piet Stam1

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