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Feed quantity and quality issues

Effects of different cutting stages on forage yield and quality of nilegrass and pangola grass1
Author: F.H. Hsu2, Shyh-Rong Chang3 and K.Y. Hong4

Spring regrowth of lucerne is affected by the level of winter perennial reserves.
Author: Edmar I. Teixeira, Derrick J. Moot and Hamish E. Brown

Comparison of digestibility and metabolizable energy between nilegrass and pangola grass
Author: Jeng-Bin Lin2, Mei-Chu Lee3, Shyh-Rong Chang 4 and F.H. Hsu5

Desmanthus – a new pasture legume for the dry tropics
Author: Chris Gardiner1, Leone Bielig1, Anthony Schlink 2, Ross Coventry1 and Michelle Waycott1

Plant traits associated with winter growth of perennial grass cultivars
Author: Walter Kelman

Shrivelled grain potentially worth more than chicken feed
Author: Julie L. Kitchen1, David R. Tivey1 and Robin D. Graham2

Cutting management of multipurpose tree legumes: effects on green herbage production, leaf retention and water-use-efficiency during the dry season in Timor, Indonesia
Author: Esnawan Budisantoso1,2, Max Shelton1, Brendan F. Mullen1 and Shu Fukai1

Performance Indicators for Harvest Timing of Whole Crop Cereals for Silage
Author: John de Ruiter1

Prospects of breeding sorghum, pearl millet and pigeonpea for high forage yield and quality
Author: K.N. Rai, B.V.S. Reddy, K.B. Saxena and C.L.L. Gowda

Economic Sustainability: Genetic and cutting schedule influences on the yield-quality tradeoff in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L)
Author: D.H. Putnam1 and Steve Orloff2 and Larry R. Teuber3

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