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New pathways for delivery in Asia 5ACSC

Commercializing hybrid rice technology in the Philippines
Author: Edilberto D. Redoa, Leocadio S. Sebastian, Frisco M. Malabanan, John C. deLeon, Manuel G. Gaspar and Lea D.R. Abaoag1

Natural and socio-economical resources vis--vis crop productivity - an adaptable linkage for sustainable development in Indian sub-continent
Author: M.M. Adhikary1

Agronomic design: the bridge between researchers and farmers
Author: Weili Liang

Socioeconomic Evaluation of Hybrid Rice Production in the Philippines
Author: Flordeliza H. Bordey1, Jesusa M. Cabling2, Cheryll B. Casiwan3, Rowena G. Manalili4, Alice B. Mataia5 and Guadalupe O. Redondo6

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