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Simulation modelling in crops

Proposal for Early Crop Monitoring Using a Photosynthetic Production Index and Remotely Sensed Data
Author: Daijiro Kaneko1, Masao Ohnishi2, Takashi Ishiyama3 and Ryutaro Tateishi3

Driving crop growth models: radiation- versus transpiration-use efficiency
Author: Claudio O. Stckle and Armen R. Kemanian

Modelling broccoli development, yield and quality
Author: Daniel K.Y. Tan1,2, Colin J.Birch1, Alan H. Wearing1 and Ken G. Rickert1

Modelling protein content and composition in wheat
Author: Peter D. Jamieson1, Pierre Martre2, Vitalie Samoil2, John R. Porter3, Robert Zyskowski1, Mikhail Semenov4 and Eugne Tribo2

Using a handheld multispectral radiometer to forecast grain protein in northern Australia
Author: Rob Kelly1, John Cooper1, Greg Thomas2, Wayne Strong1, David Butler1 and Armando Apan3

Simulating crop phenology
Author: Gregory S. McMaster

Crop Growth Models Can Effect Change – A Case History
Author: R. L. Vanderlip1, R. W. Heiniger2, S. A. Staggenborg1, W. D. Rosenthal3 and M. R. Tuinstra1

Simulating maize development using a nonlinear temperature response model
Author: Soo-Hyung Kim and Vangimalla Reddy

CropSyst VB – Simpotato, a Crop Simulation Model for Potato – Based Cropping Systems: II. Evaluation of Nitrogen Dynamics.
Author: Ashok Alva1, Javier Marcos2, Claudio Stockle3, Vangimalla Reddy4 and Dennis Timlin4

CropSyst VB – Simpotato, a crop simulation model for potato-based cropping systems: I. Model development
Author: Javier Marcos1, Ashok Alva2, Claudio Stockle3, Dennis Timlin4 and Vangimalla Reddy4

Combining Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Infrared Aerial Imagery for Assessment of Peanut Crop Maturity and Aflatoxin Risk
Author: Andrew Robson1, 2, Stuart Phinn2, Graeme Wright1 and Glen Fox3.

A potential yield model for forage brassicas
Author: D.R. Wilson1, Robert Zyskowski1, S. Maley1 and A.J. Pearson2

A comparison of models for simulating harvest time of silage maize (Zea mays L.)
Author: Antje Herrmann1, Alois Kornher1, Frank Hppner2, Jrg Michael Greef2, Jrgen Rath3 and Friedhelm Taube1

A cohort model for simulating forage brassica crops with variable plant size
Author: Robert Zyskowski, D.R. Wilson and S. Maley

Simulating growth and development of lowland rice in APSIM
Author: Xike Zhang1,2, Holger Meinke1,2, Peter DeVoil1,2, Gon van Laar3, Bas A.M. Bouman4 and Yahya Abawi1

Simulating damage effects of parasitic weeds in APSIM: A generic cohort-based approach
Author: A.M. Manschadi1, J. Hargreaves3, Jan Grenz2, Peter DeVoil1 and Holger Meinke1,

A linked process-based model to study the interaction between Puccinia striiformis and wheat
Author: Neil A White1, Sukumar Chakraborty2,3 and Gordon Murray4

The Machine Recognition of Wheat Crop Features from Images Based on Back Propagation Neural Network
Author: Shao-kun Li1,3, Zhong-Ying Bai2, Zhi-li Qi2, Xiao-hong Liu2, Shi-ju Gao1 and Shuang-ning Zhao1

REMS – a research experiment management system to support the maintenance and development of crop growth and development models.
Author: Greg McLean1,3 and Alastair Doherty2

SIMBA: a comprehensive model for agro-ecological assessment and prototyping of banana-based cropping systems. An application in the French West Indies.
Author: P. Tixier1, E. Malezieux2, M. Dorel1 and J. Wery3

Modelling soil water, carbon and nitrogen dynamics in wheat/chickpea rotations: parameterisation and evaluation of APSIM in a Mediterranean environment
Author: Carina Moeller1, A.M. Manschadi2, Holger Meinke2, Mustafa Pala3 and Joachim Sauerborn1

Field validation of empirical functions used to estimate crop water use
Author: Hamish E. Brown, Derrick J. Moot1 and Bruce A. McKenzie

Main-stem node appearance of lucerne regrowth in a temperate climate
Author: Hamish E. Brown and Derrick J. Moot1

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