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Canopy profile distribution of leaf area, light and nitrogen in some Iranian winter wheat cultivars released during the last 50 years
Author: H. Rahimian Mashhadi1 and E. Zand2

Breaking the 15 t/ha wheat yield barrier
Author: Tabitha Armour1, Peter D. Jamieson1, Anton Nicholls2 and Robert Zyskowski1

Effect of elevated CO2 concentration on net photosynthetic rate and dry matter production of spring wheat in the Tibet plateau
Author: Shigeto Fujimura1, Pei-Li Shi2, Kazuto Iwama1, Xian-Zhou Zhang2, Junichi Yamaguchi1, Yun-Fen Liu2, O. Shuhou1 and Zhi-Ming Zhong2

Use of resources in 4 cultivars of wheat in the high rainfall zone of south-eastern Australia - Protein and water soluble carbohydrates.
Author: Penny Riffkin and Pedro Evans

Evidence for excess photosynthetic capacity and sink-limitation to yield and biomass in elite spring wheat
Author: Matthew Reynolds1, Anthony G. Condon2, Gregory J. Rebetzke2 and Richard A. Richards2

Wheat sterility - identification of probable causes and solutions
Author: M. Saifuzzaman1, Q.A. Fattah2, A.F.M. Maniruzzaman3, M.S. Islam4 and Craig Meisner5

Some aspects of the supernumerary spikelets formation in wheat - from the viewpoints of physiology and genetics.
Author: Kazukiyo Tetsuka

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